Three from the outside

Every now and then I venture a bit outside of the scope for this blog and select tracks with a style I don’t usually cover. As I should, to spice things up a little.

Problem is, those tracks are usually quite hard to pair with other tracks (as is my format on this blog), so they tend to get stuck in the backlog for a while.

But now it’s finally time for three of them. What do you think? Great stuff, yeah?

Audio Dope – Absence of Gravity

I start off with this calm little beauty of a track. Kind, harmonic, but with “something special” that separates it from the rest in the large pond of downtempo tracks.
Maybe it’s the hint of a lo-fi feel to it? Or the jazzy beat?

Whatever it is, I want more of it. This is good stuff!

APSRA – Pixels

I increase the energy level with this next track, who I would describe as a kind of a synthwave crossover. Not entirely sure what it crosses over to though, indie electronic? Leftfield? Whatever it is, I know I like it!

APSRA is from France – and that’s pretty much all I know about him/her/them. Let this be a kind reminder that it’s always smart to include a small bio in your promotions, guys!

7 Vibes Journey – Vibe 4 (Above Talking)

I round off this post with all engines on full throttle.

To blend rock guitars and club beats is in itself nothing new, but I think they did it particularly well here. It’s no just a cheesy rock sample running in loop as how we usually have it, this production blends heavy and techno much more actively – both components are more embedded in each other. The result is a bloody cool track.

Just have a little patience. It stars out pretty standard “ooh we got a rock guitar sample!” routine (as described above), but once it lifts off… Well, you’ll hear. Just wait for it.

Notice how they keep the track on a deep, progressive level, never breaks out into something commercial nonsense but just maintain the insane drive. Bubbling under the surface, never bursting. I love that.

This is a fantastic club track, no less. Peak hour material.

These tracks went to each their playlists, of whom we have several for you to choose from on Spotify. Head over to this page to see some of them!