Throwback Thursday: An unheard revisit to the eighties

I’m not much for looking back. It’s just not in me. I don’t seek backwards to discover unheard tracks and artists.

Therefore it’s a kind of a paradox that I find Synthwave to be as fun as I do. But I do! And here’s a recent discovery of mine:

Essenger x PYLOT – Offworld

Judging from the submissions I receive to this blog, it seems USA are particulary big on two genres: Ambient and especially Synthwave. I really wonder why, I’m sure there is an explanation somewhere. There must be a thriving synthwave community over there. And here’s yet another American showing off his excellent retro sound: Essenger. With him he got Pylot (UK) on vocals, and the result is really rock solid synthwave.

Well arranged, well produced, well mixed – the polish would be blinding had it not been for my Wayfarer sunglasses I wear for the occasion.

When I hear stuff like this I just want to fire up GTA: San Andreas and cruize while this one rolls on the custom playlist!

This track is added to our quite small but exceptionally good playlist, “More EIGHTIES than the 80s itself”!

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