Time For Techno: Double Dunk

According to my blog stats for 2019, techno was my most reviewed genre. And judging from the quality of the submissions so far, there’s no sign of that changing this year.

But I’ll start this years first techno picks with two that offers a sound that I not typically pick. Lighter and more melodic. But still great!

Angermund – Naboens Sveler (Remix by Minus Magnus)

Angermund is a Norwegian artist who started out with some cassette tapes and a microphone, recording from anything he could find in his childhood household in the city of Bergen, Norway. This still reflects Angermund’s musical flavour, and quirky sounds created by ordinary items still play an important role in his music.

And here he offers a classic, techy beat with a sweet layer of acid on top for good measure. The result is a groovy mix that should work like mad on a steamy underground dancefloor. Melodic enough to be accessible for most, minimal enough to make the experienced clubber smile.

And we smile with them.

Guidos Project X – Green Rain

A darker, more hectic atmosphere as we start up our second track today, from the German act Guidos Project X. But there’s some of that same “classic” feel to be found here, and that’s what made me pair these two for this post.

The progression is quite interesting in this track: From a dark and quite cold start it builds towards a quite melodic, floating affair that takes us in the direction (but remains safely on the right side) of the border towards trance.
Quite surprising turn, but it works!

Green Rain does not seem to be on Spotify (yet?) but Angermunds track is added to our quite excellent techno playlist “The Techno Club”, where we collect only the best tracks as we discover them.

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