Two adrenaline kicks of the highest order!

Ok, these two tracks are dynamite. Pure and simple. Damn how they rock, and they rock hard.
Perfect way to kick off this weekend, if you need a real kick.

Matbe, Mislaw – Aventura

As I type this I got Aventura rolling in the background, and I am not kidding when I say that the goosebumps are lining up here, hairs rise on my arms in pure excitement. FFS, this thing STOMPS!

I mean, there’s plenty techno tracks who puts a smile on my face and force my legs to tap the beat – but this here? It triggers a pure, full body adrenaline kick!

ROMBE4T – Rock To The Rhythm

… And think no less of this one, who reside on the Tech House side of things. It’s one thing that it’s very well produced from a pure sound perspective – it just nails the dance floor frenzy so damn well. There’s just no way that this could have been produced by anyone not being well experienced with DJing.

It combines the predictable with the unique – classic Tech House structure, but with components that makes you remember this one. It’s unique. It’s different. It’s not just a stack of cliches, like I hear far too often in this genre particularly.

It’s music like these two tracks that makes me want to return to the decks again!

These two nuggets are proudly added to each their playlists: Aventura is headlining our “Techno Club” playlist, while Rock To The Rhythm is chucked straight into our “House For Clubbers” list who we really need to start promoting soon, it’s grown into quite the list now!

May I suggest you give’em both a follow, right now?