Chill vibes: Sometimes all you need is a good rest

I’m always happy with the picks I do but today I may be extra confident with my selection. Here’s three chilled electronica tracks that really are well worth hearing.

Lisofv – Snowing With Darkness

South Korea! That’s where Lisofv is from. Another first for this blog. And what he delivers is a chill house track of solid international standard.
A hypnotic beat builds the foundation of whom various segments enters and exits, usually in a very calm and gradual way. A really good track that could have gone straight into a Buddah Bar compilation. And that actually says a lot.

Koresma – Free (Remix by Marley Carroll)

And speaking of top shelf chillout, how about this one! A gorgeous track that really takes us on a very calm and melodic ride. Calm, yet groovy. We’ve picked a track by Koresma before and I got a strong feeling this won’t be the last.

But here the remixer, Marell Carroll, deserves a bit of extra attention. Marley has stayed true to the original vibe, but added a house-feel to the production that really makes the track shine, in my opinion. A job very well done.

Scott Stevenson – Solitude

Maybe the most introvert and experimental of todays tracks, it’s also a track with a truly magical vibe. Really one of those “must hear” tracks that’s hard to describe.

But it’s haunting, melancholic, dreamy, and spins up images from a Fantasy universe with elves and gnomes and vast spaces of intriguing lures.
I so totally love this track.

You’ll find these three along with other downtempo tracks of a soothing nature on our Spotify playlist “All Chilled Out”. Why not add it to your library today?