Depth, drugs and percussion.

Every day is a good day for deep electronica. Here’s two on the House side of things and one from the Techno camp. All deep, all gorgeous.

Kasada – Solar Ritual

The first track today is a bit more melodic than what I usually fall for, but there’s just something about the combination of the dry percussion and the warm synth theme that just so totally enthralled me.

Really unique, and I dig artists that goes a bit outside of the established formulas!

Jake Beautyman – This Is a Joint

Next up were entering the good old traditional world of… Drugs. Yeah. There’s no denying that drugs are tightly knit to the world of music, and electronic music is obviously not an exception – rather the opposite. Especially when we enter the underground scene.

Here’s a track that lives up to the title with a deep groove underneath a trippy and chill atmosphere. Cool stuff.

Smilla – Onset

I’m rounding off today with a track that is still deep, only on the techno side of things. A very dubby and contained track from the German act Smilla. Smooth, mechanical, repetitive, slowly evolving… Yeah baby, this is how we like it.

Kind of remind me of the absolutely stunning track by Garibe a while back, Cavas (released on our label). This is quality trippin’.

The first two tracks are added to our “Deep Lounge” playlist, where we gather the Deep House and Lounge tracks from the place that matters: The underground.

“Onset” is added to a totally new list of ours that we are currently building, as of today it’s just called “Deep Techno” but will probably be renamed later. But either way, there’s already enough tracks to be worth following;