House Freaks: Three tracks to ignite your weekend

Three tracks that delivers solid old-school house beats. Fun tracks. Tracks to bop heads to, dance to, and get in the mood to.
Three tracks for the weekend!

Cassettes For Kids – Dreams

Summerly. Dreamy. Floating.
Those are all words that springs to mind when listening to this wonderful track. 70s vibes are very present here, but I’d call this timeless House music. Stuff that’ll never gets irrelevant simply because it’s so very very true to the core of what House music was, is and always will be about.

Errol Bangz – Do You Wanna

While being the deepest of the tracks today it still delivers very classic house vibes and provides a robust groove for the dance floor.

A simple but solid construction defines the groove with the ever so important bass line. That’s really all you need, as long as it’s done right. Like here. This is an artist to look up for.

AWKD – Hope You Know That

And finally, a track that should be way too mainstream for me, I’m not SUPPOSED to dig this. Uplifting, happy, with a catchy female vocal with a positive message and a “happy hour” Mediterranian beach club vibes with a hundred teenager hands waving eagerly in the air.
Nope, this is not for me. I’m not supposed to dig this. But I do. I DO!

This will be my guilty pleasure for this weekend. shake’em like you just dont caaaare!

All of these are added to our playlist “It’s House Music“, where we collect the uplifting, sunny house tracks as we find them. Like these here.

We seem to have an issue with embedding Spotify links today, but you find the list here: