No depth unless underground!

I really can’t get enough Deep House nowadays. Total fixation. And I did an observation today that I wanted to share with you.

I was searching for deep house playlists on Spotify, browsing random lists with everything from just a few followers to tens of thousands. And while there was no surprise that all the big lists contained nothing but mainstream nonsense, it really did surprise me that underground deep house – the real deal – were so hard to find also on the smaller lists! Poor souls, if those playlisters really think that deep house is just that pop crap they’ve added on their list, they are really missing out.
And to be honest… It’s kind of sad that the best Deep House list I’ve found so far is the official Spotify list.

Anyways, here’s three of my new discoveries released over the last couple of weeks:

Jake Kaiser – Sequoia

I’m starting off with a name that is quite established, with his 50.000 monthly listeners he sure has his crowd. And no wonder, as his tunes are really accessible and harmonic. In itself not a free ticket into THIS domain, but add to that a really good, dark, deep house vibe and I’m sold.
This track is smooth sailing.

J. Falcone – Around and Around

One could say we were dangling in the surface with Jake above, but now we’re definitely diving deep down into the underground. A lovely, minimalistic piece of electronica that holds that perfect groove we relentlessly seek.

And from an artist that thus far is largely unknown. We expect that to change over the next couple of years. You heard him here first!

Miipo – Walk

… and speaking of undiscovered artists, it is my pleasure to introduce another new name for you: Miipo. From the cold mountains of Norway this (presumably) young artist enters the spotlight here at Beatradar with a smooth and quite original sounding track. The chords that rolls in the background is suspiciously familiar… I just can’t put my finger on it.

Unfortunately the sidechained duck is a few notches too heavily used on the pads here and induce instant seasickness – tip for you Miipo, don’t make the swells as prominent as this – it’s a relief when the pads fade out. But the cool little details with chopped samples and other little details in the arrangement more than make up for that. This is a promising artist that proves with this track that he’s got tons of potential, because he understands the groove of deep house. Thus I really look forward to your future releases, Miipo!

These three surely should be on a lot more playlists than is the case today. Make a change, friends!

All three are added to our excellent “Deep Lounge” playlist on Spotify, where we collect the real deep house and deep lounge tracks. Underground, yet accessible. And smooth. And elegant. And calm, yet groovy. Worthy of your follow.