No more beating around the bush: It’s Techno time!

Let’s stop beating around the bush. Let’s go full on TECHNO. Here’s three variations of the kind: Each going in their own directions, but have in common being dark and gritty.

Krestovsky – Confirm

We kick off with the most “stadium friendly” of the three. This one is big, loud, and stomping. It follows the established rules of how a track of this kind shall progress – but that’s really nothing to hold against it.

I love the deep groove that is maintained throughout the track, as layer upon layer is added. A really, really cool track.

Victor Zala – Cricova

We’re heading further down now. Down below, to the underground. Down to where not all dare venture. But those who do, can think of nothing better. What those up on the surface are alienated by, these guys feel at home with.

This is a track for those guys. For us.

Barosi – Let’s get Started

The third pick is actually an entire EP. Four tracks. In this case I didn’t want to just pick a single track cause I found the whole release to be really quite something.

One of the cool things about this release is that each track so very much holds their own identity, this is not just a producer that does the same trick over and over. And in a world where that seem to be more and more common, I really applaud this diversity.

My fav on this release? Probably the title track, “Let’s Get Started”. But really, let’em all roll while you are on a roll. This is good shit.

As usual you’ll find all out techno picks collected on our excellent Spotify playlist “The Techno Club“: