Silent Sunday: Bright versus dark

Today I’ve got two track for you that’s quite different from each other. One is very melodic, the other without any melody at all.
Guess who’s the darkest one…

Kh3rtis – Wychwood

Whoever uses Shpongle as reference artist gets my immedioate attention. Kh3rtis did. And while one might argue that Shpongle is a bit more “world music” sounding (at least at times) this track is definitely a beauty in its own right.

Especially the guitar adds a layer of organic musicality here that I appreciate if at first we’re going to delve into the melodic realms. A realm that I very rarely do enter by the way. I generally prefer my ambient less melodic, more droned. But if at first I am to do an exception from that, I see no better reason to do so that with this track here.

Austin Rockman – Seek No End

So much about melodic harmonies! Now it’s right back into the gutter. This is dark. Dark, experimental, non melodic, outer space exploration.

I especially like the overdriven sounds in the background there, sounds like distant huge starcraft engines passing by. And how about that hollow, rusty “lead”? Man, this is so cyberpunk and dark and futuristic and old and worn and intelligent and oh my god how I dig these scenes.

To fantastic ambient tracks today, and both are added to our equally fantastic Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe“: