Sleepy Sunday: A surprising turn

Another Sunday, as usual sleepy. This time I got a kind of a surprise for you at the end here. Enjoy!

Holographic Field – Gravity

First track out is an ultra-classic pick from my part: Long pads, dreamy sequence, yeah yeah we all know by now that I love this stuff.

But wait, there’s more! Notice the field recording in the background here. Something, not sure what, but probably rain drops towards a surface? Or something shaking during transport?

I dunno, and we need not know. It’s details like these that really makes a piece stand out from the rest. This one is not “just another long padded sequence” – we will remember this track due to that additional layer of organic sounds.

Trova – Cerro

Regular readers will be quite familiar with Trova by now. Yeah, here he is again, with a new great release. His first in 2020.

And, well, there’s not really a lot to say that’s not already said about this artist. His style is totally up my alley, with slowly evolving soundscapes that really invites to get lost in.
Abstract, calm, yet intriguing.

Dreamkiddo. ft Imallryt – Home

I’ll end today’s session with a bit of an unusual track. Dreamy describes the track as “a conversation between 2 people who have been experiencing loss and confusion in their lives”.
I don’t really think we can call this ambient due to the periodically quite intense energy level (and the fact that ambient nearly never contains vocals/singing), but it sure is floating and dreamy! And with no beats. So in my opinion it fits under “Sleepy Sunday”.

And the vocal processing here really is the main attraction. Quite an experience, actually. It’s majestic, big, almost orchestral by nature.

The first two tracks are added to our excellent ambient playlist “Ambient universe“. The third track seems to not be available on Spotify (yet?).