Sleepy Sunday: The alternative ambient

Throughout these Sundays I have usually had a focus on what I would call “classic” space ambient, the long pads and slowly shifting harmonies. I’ve made an exception here and there for some piano and stuff, but generally speaking that’s been my path. And for a very long time I’ve been comfortable inside that bubble.

But lately I’ve felt a bit restless. I’ve wanted more. Still within the “space ambient” kind of feel, but maybe a bit more experimental. Because, as gorgeous as they are the above described ambient can be a bit too similar to each other.

So this Sunday I’ve chosen three who – while still offering that same “floating” atmosphere I typically pick – has taken a few steps outside the beaten path, that are a bit “different”.

Beyond The Moving Lights – Racing Thoughts

The first track today is also the most quiet one. One might say it starts out in a “classic” fashion. But soon enough it breaks out in a lead instrument that is really something quite extraordinary. A glassy, metallic texture that glides up and down across the frequencies in a really outlandish fashion. This is an alien lifeform, singing for us. And I am totally listening.

Fantastic piece.

Lowlives Industries – Vindhyas

Lowlives Industries wants to take us downtown. We are in the age of the cyberpunks now. Machines have taken over, and we must be fit for survival in a society under complete surveillance.
Voices forms an abstract background in this piece, a scenario filled to the brim with details and movements. A bit more energy than what I usually pick, but this scene is worthy of an exception.

Really dark, gritty ambient. I’m going to be on the lookout for more of this kind of stuff.

Unknown Observer – Everlasting Midnight

The final track today is, at least in this company, the closest to the “traditional” ambient I usually go for. But I think there is an extra layer of noise here, details in the soundscape, that lifts it a bit out of the “ordinary” bag. A set of crickets (I think?) also contributes to the scene here, as well as a detail that I actually quite like: Abstract momentary piano play that just drops in and out.

I can’t really stand piano based ambient. Piano as lead instrument, performing a slow melody, well that’s hardly ambient at all in my book. But piano as seasoning, a component just carefully used to spice things up a little, now that’s something completely different. I love that.

Like it’s used here. A wonderful atmosphere. Again I feel it has an urban feel more than a space feel. This track pull sme into a cyperpunk universe again.

“Vindhyas” is not on Spotify so I can’t add that one, but the two others are and is added to our excellent “Ambient Universe” playlist. A list we really invite you to follow if ambient is your thing!

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