Sleepy Sunday: Three reasons to enter hibernation

Three new, excellent ambient releases from each their continents: One from Sweden, one from the USA and one from Australia.

Luiniss – Peace in Solitude

First out is Luiniss from the USA. And what a track. Immediately we are thrown into a vast openness – we’re in space now, that’s for sure. Slowly evolving between the chords, this is obviously a perfect fit for our “Ambient Universe” playlist.
And this one is going to sit on this list for a long time, and deliver us the space we crave.

Drönvall – Vinter 3B

As much as we love “Peace In Solitude”, it is a bit intense in this context. So we welcome a bit more quiet grounds as we let Drönvalls (Sweden) latest roll out on our speakers.

There’s some really interesting tiny little details in the audio textures that I very much appreciate here. It invites to further exploration. The slightly torn sound on the pads, like being played on an old tape machine. The little static click we hear at regular intervals. All those little things that shows us a producer that works with his textures.

Sure signs of a good ambient producer.

Matt Tondut – Distant Stars

We’re back in space now. Out there, on uncharted sectors, exploring distant stars. Again the details in the textures is very pleasing. And when the bass enters the scene, like the engine of a massive star-ship, well then I’m sold.

I’m there. Where I want to be.

All three are obviously added to our playlist flagship here on Beatradar: “Ambient Universe“. A universe you too want to be a part of. So follow it today!