Stuff not too often heard

Today I’ve gathered three tracks with essentially just one thing in common: They are of a character not often heard on this blog. Let’s broaden our horizon together!

notsure – Rzr

Here’s a really cool track, I fell immidiately in love with this one. A lovely, calm, introvert and slightly lofi atmosphere, paired with intricate beats and a really elegant arrangement. Lovely little glitchy details sprinkled across, inviting us to drift away into the universe offered.

Alexander Vincent – Other People’s Lives

Alexander present the track with these words, “I am addicted to my phone/social media. Comparing myself to other people and feeling horrible. I think society will discover more and more how much mental health and phones are linked.”

We sense some clear similarities with last years pop wondergirl here, the fantastic Billie Eilish. Yet this does not sound like someone wanting to ride on her success. Not at all. But the mood, the arrangement, the whole package is just right now at this point in time.

And it’s so great to hear a real guitar in a track again, like here. Lovely, just perfectly blended into the track.

This is a really good artist that truly deserves to be discovered by an audience far beyond our little club here at Beatradar!

Mellowdine – Apart

Distorted synths, mellow mood, but most of all, really really delicate. A truly beautiful track that balance just so perfect between the lofi atmosphere and smooth deep house.

And speaking of that balance, it’s kind of an oddball this one. It’s like it can’t decide if it wants to be a lounge/chillout track or something to dance to.

I’m not so sure I’d put this one on in a deep house set. Yet I fully appreciate the deep house segments. And that’s quite the achievement really.

Often these kind of “schizophrenic” tracks suffer from it. Not so here. It’s just… Perfect the way it is.

I added each of these tracks to each their playlist. Most of our lists are found on this page!