Techno Thursday: Darker as she goes

Three gritty techno tracks is what I got for you today, with each their styles but all firmly rooted in the underground sphere. And above all – they’re really good!

Ziino – El General

First track out today is one that opens pretty accessible with a loop that somehow gave me associations to the epic club hit Mr Oizo, Flat Beat. Not sure why, but it did 😀

Anyways, it soon dives towards quite deep and minimal underground vibes. Another solid production from our Irish friend that regular readers may recall from before.
And I got a feeling this won’t be the last time.

Enrico Hubert – Klaatu

And we continue those vibes with this next track, from the German gentleman Enrico Hubert, and with a punch that is felt. Classic hard techno kick that punches through most walls, and with an arrangement to follow. A track that may not bring so much new to the techno table, but is unreservedly designed to whip up a crowd. Itr pushes all the right buttons.

And the atmosphere towards the end there? Epic!

Etyen – Nuklear

… And it’s not like we’re entering any brighter grounds here with Etyen, a Lebanese(!) techno producer. No, quite the contrary.

And what a track. It’s pitch black, of course. And quite industrial. And dramatic. But it’s more than just that. It is… Different. And I like different. Different is good.

A really cool gem of a track.

All of these tracks are found on our quite excellent Spotify playlist “The Techno Club”, where we collect all our techno related picks. Well worth a follow!