Three for the floors

Tech House. There’s something so liberating about a genre with zero ambitions to invoke anything else than an urge to do some fancy moves on the floor. No messages, no depth, full accessibility. Yeah. Shallow? Ok, whatever. But it’s FUN!

Remi Blaze – Smoke Box

First out is the Canadian mr Blaze. Kicks off in a very typical Tech House fashion. And to be honest, I try to find the tracks within this genre that push the genre a bit further. But I dig this track! It just represent everything I think is fun with these kind of tracks.
Blatantly flirting with the dance floor, using absolutely every single trick in the book. And keeps pushing the pressure up, up, up.

Guilty pleasure? Maybe. But a pleasure as good as any!

Brett Edwards – Let Me Know

A bit further south from Remi we find mr Edwards in the US of A. A darker, deeper introduction that eventually culiminates to a real banger of a tech house track. Lovely buildup. Cool track!

Matteblack – Funked up

And finally, this one here. From the UK. Now, how about that bassline, huh? Damn.

A really dark roll, and it stays there. Stripped down, fully resting on the bassline – and with good reason. This bassline is to kill for.

Did I mention the bassline?

These are all added to our quite banging Spotify playlist “House For Clubbers”, a list filled to the brim with tech house and stomping beats tailored for the hectic dance floors. A list we really, really think deserves more followers. It’s groovy as F!