Three ways to get started

Three tracks to start the weekend – all depending on how soft you need the takeoff to be. Alternatively, enjoy them all in the suggested order.

Jody Wisternoff & James Grant – Nightwhisper

We’re starting off soft, with this cute little thing. A deep house groove that offers such a smooth feelgood vibe it’s almost impossible not falling in love with that sweet humming voice.

Jody Wisternoff is better known as half of the produycer duo Way Out West, and James Grant’s music career began in 1982 as songwriter and guitarist in the new wave band Friends Again, alongside Chris Thomson, later of The Bathers. So it’s indeed two experienced gentlemen behind this release.

Bombays – Scorpio

We’re turning up the intensity a notch or two with the next track, from the US act Bombays. Classic tech house construction all over:

Rock solid basslinecheck
Side-chained pads in the backgroundcheck
Snare drum buildupscheck
Fancy vocal samplecheck

So, yeah – the formula is intact – but damn how it works!
Plus, the totality is still memorable. The track is greater than what each individual element adds up to. It enters the brain and stays there.

And yeah, how this should work on a dance floor! And that is after all the prime goal for any tech house track.

Markus Swarz & CJW – Cryo

If the tracks so far were a tad too mainstream for you, the last track from me today will hopefully have what you need to get started. This German duo has released a fairly accessible track, yet definitely appealing also to the more underground focused amongst us.

The kick hits where it should, the mechanical sounding looped chord(?) running in the background is just plain wonderful, it all reeks like a good time on the dark, hot underground club floor.

If none of these starts you up then quit frankly I don’t really understand what you’re doing here on Beatradar at all?

Three tracks added to each their playlists: Nightwhisper went to our “Deep Lounge” playlist, Scorpio was an obvious addition to our “House For Clubbers“, while Cryo entered our precious “Techno Club” list.