Throwback Thursday: Synthwave goodness incoming!

Let’s head back to the decade of pastels, neon signs and white jeans, shall we? Only… These tracks are new! They just so totally follow the sound of the eighties. Let’s head back to the world of synthwave.

Sulkin’ Raven – Oxygen

A mid-tempo creation from Sulkin’ opens the show today, with a melancholic track of heavily voice-boxed character. Nice flow, dreamy, maybe not very stereotypical eighties but indeed within the type of productions that could stem from the decade of the high hair.

A fun little fact from mr Raven, “I made a lot of the sounds using a re-purposed sound card from an original Nintendo as well as a couple of gameboys.”. Cool!

Kite – Tranås/Stenslanda

Big arrangement, majestic. Tons of reverb and big drums. Late 80s vibes, gave me associations to T’Pau. And of course, the sawtooth synth solo. It’s all there, in spades.

And omg what a vocalist! A clear resemblance to Brett Anderson, Suede’s vocalist. You think they’ve heard that before? 😉

Both of these tracks are added to our “More Eighties than the 80s itself” playlist, where they will reside with our other selective tracks that made it through our filters. They’re great!

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