Throwback Tuesday: Double power-pop time!

It’s been a while since I paid the synthwave scene a visit, so it’s about time. And this time I’ve found two tracks that have quite a lot in common. And of course: Very, very eighties.

Lerocque – Hanging Out With The Cool Kids (Disquette Remix)

A rock solid production all the way. And so believeable! I mean, there’s not much here that stops you from thinking this was a track included in some movie soundtrack mid eighties?

And the artist bio is so well written that I’ll do an exception to my rule of never directly copy-pasting a press release and give you the full first paragraph. Here goes:

You’re wondering who’s «Lerocque»? Take the blue pill and I’ll tell you the short story: A tireless vocalist with no fear of musical genre boundaries. You wanna have an in-depth look? Go for it! Here comes the red pill: «Lerocque» was born as Pedro Rodrigues in Portugal and emigrated in the 90s with his parents to Switzerland. A cheerful, incurable optimist who always needed to tag any family photo with his middle finger.

Fantastic. If you are a synthwave playlister, be sure to give this guy your attention. He deserves it.

Essenger ft Scandroid – Empire of Steel

And while we’re on the topic on remarkably legitimate sounding productions, how’s this one? And at least I find it quite amusing how these two tracks are quite similar. Same sounding drums and instruments, and quite similar arrangement and even the vocalists have the same kind of voice.

They both gives me associations to Mr Mister, a band with 2-3 hits back when I was a little teenager. Same kind of guitar play and big, epic sounding walls of sound. I loved that band.

Two well produced pieces of legitimate eighties power pop!

Both of these tracks are added to our synthwave playlist aptly titled “More EIGHTIES than the 80s itself“. A list with a focus on vocal based synthwave/retrowave. And it deserves to be played, so hit that “follow” button right now!