Tres Amigas Profundo!

Three excellent tracks for the deep house heads out there. Like me. Who all of a sudden felt like making a Spanish headline for this post. Oh well.

Four Tet – Baby (Ft. Ellie Goulding)

The goal of this blog is to dicover new talents, undiscovered gems in the electronica underworld. From that perspective one might claim that Four Tet is outside the scope of this blog, and I would agree there. But sometimes it’s worth peeking over at what goes on amongst the big ones. Especially when the artist in question is Four Tet.

Four Tet will forever hold a special place in my heart after he did one of the coolest remixes I’ve heard on this side of the millennia, “Opal” (Bicep). And here’s another excellent example of this guys talents.

It’s groovy, lovely, deep – but above all it’s the way he slices the sample that is just so… Exquicit. Elegant, unique, polished. I am myself an artist that loves to play around with smaple processing, Four Tet is a massive inspiration. It’s just so SMOOTH!

Kill The Geek – Lonely Girls Danceclub

We’re going darker with this next track, by the Danish act Kill The Geek. Wohah – what’s with the aggressiveness there? Let Geeks Rule and we’ll be better off than anything else we’ve tried so far.

A solid bass builds the foundation on this elegant club crossover, minimal by nature but without lacking anything at all. A friendly, groovy and tight production.

Yescene – All My Life

And finally for today, a track from the Moroccan artist by the name of Yescene. A solid deep house production that should work in most lounge and deep house settings. In fact a perfect track for our playlist. Bright and friendly, never too eager, always keeping the cool.

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