A Circle Of Ambience

Unfortunately there never was a “Silent Sunday” yesterday, but I’ll compensate for that with no less than four excellent ambient tracks today. From the classic to the unique and back again.

AKB – Skymningszonen

First up there’s AKB from Sweden, and this piece is – on the surface – what we could call “classic” ambient.

But underneath, back there in the background, there’s stuff going on that really makes all the difference, and pulls this track up from the vast sea of abstract ambient pieces.

Midnight Destroyer – Controleum

We need to head all the way over to Japan for our second track today, and what a glorious piece it is. Quite dramatic, yet quiet. An intriguing drone enters the picture at first, gliding slowly into the background as new sound sources emerge.

I love discovering pieces like these, that really is something different yet still holds true to the universal ambient qualities.

Emiji – Mountains feat. Heart Singing

Angels falling, world peace, total harmony… Is this what death will feel like?

Our friend Emiji is from Ireland, and we’ve covered his ambient before, back in September. This time he’s hooked up with a female vocalist, and that really was a very successful combo!

Justin Robinson – Last Chance

And finally, or Robinson from the US, another gentleman we’ve already covered only recently. The circle is kind of completed with this one, matching the “classic” sound of where we started. A loop repeated. A serene, quiet, harmonic sequence. Quite short, this one. Something I usually dislike. But here it’s just right. This is a passage to another place. A short travel. Short, but scenic.

“Controleum” doesn’t seem to have been released on Spotify, but the other three are added to our “Ambient Universe” playlist!