Children Of Voodoo

So I got a new four track out! A quite different main track from me, as I’m testing slightly more mainstream grounds when I for the first time am featuring myself on (singing!) vocals. Oh dear me.

And as usual I’ll talk you through it and share some titbits and slightly fun “behind the scenes” trivia on them. Four versions of the same track! What we back in the days called a “maxi single”.

Disclaimer: Covering my own release here. So yeah: Shameless self promo.

The Original Version

“Dark nudisco”, is that a genre? It’s how I think I would describe this. The arrangement is clearly inspired by some of the electro pop pioneers of the 90s.

The lyrics have a duality that I often adore from other writers. One the surface, “the children of Voodoo” is a cult in my imaginary post-apocalyptic world that I almost always pick ideas from, also in my instrumentals.

But it’s also a comment on the current day “scary kids”, the pro-environment movement that’s really gained traction thanks to the young activists and of course Greta Thunberg in front. I am stepping into the shoes of the (predominantly) boomers who are cursing and ridiculing them, asking what the boomers should ask themselves; “Should I be ashamed“?

The Club Remix

Next up is my electro/bass house remix. I maintain the old-school vibes from the original, adding a minimalist and playful chopping of the bass. I’ll just never grow tired of chopping samples 🙂

This track had a long, long way to completion. Started out as a deep house track with guitar loops and whatnot, I were unhappy with the result and reworked it almost entirely and stripped it down to a minimal techno track, still not happy and took a sharp U-turn again into the more melodic result we find here.

One could say this has a very typical “me” sound to it. But hey, I’m nobody else so it’ll have to do, right?

The Breakbeat Remix

Introducing a new star on the remix heaven: Sorry The Hedgehog! A fantastic producer I’ve been lucky to get to know over the past few months. A Berliner whose productions are usually more over on the singer/songwriter side of things, he wanted to get a bit more crazy and established this alter ego. And I am his first production under this ego! What a remarkable honour.

And I so love this version. The wild, chaotic atmosphere, layers upon layers with madness, all perfectly blending into each other like pieces in a massive puzzle – and perfect for the theme of the track. A very unique production I am so proud to be allowed to feature.

The Ambient Version

Finally: The ambient version. Those of you who follow this blog regularly (uhm, you do exist, right? 😮 ) should know about now that I really love ambient. And this is my take on an ambient version of this track. I tried to avoid the “standard formula” of just long evolving pads in sweet harmonies and instead tried to make a futuristic atmosphere that ignites our imagination, all while being of low energy. Did I succeed?

Funny little trivia: The guitar you hear sporadically here is actually all that’s left from an early version of the club remix, the second track. 🙂

So that’s it! I hope you’ll like the tracks! And if you do you know what they say; Sharing is caring! 🙂