Deep Thursday: Three for the feelgood grooves

Here’s three deep house creations with vocals that each in their own ways blends perfectly with the tracks.
I start off with the “weirdest” of the three: One where you can barely hear the words at all!

Yamil – Ancestors

Classic deep house groove going on here, quite minimal in form, sidechained pads, you know the drill. Familiar stuff.
What makes this track stand out is the vocals running in the background here. Just distant enough to not clearly hear what’s being said, and not rhythmic or rhimed in any way – it sounds mostly like some random banter. Intriguing, what a really cool idea!

Around halfway a voice enters the focus of the track and would be intellible (if I understood the language). Sounds like old men? Ancestors, obviously. 🙂

A cool track!

Drew Dapps – Make the Move

And speaking of classic house feel – how about this one? It grooves just so right. Tight bass, perfectly repetitive. It never really goes anywhere, but it doesn’t need to, Why go when it’s fine where you are?

This is one to make the classy moves for.

Currie – Vibe 104

Very cool processing on the vocalist here. And the rest of the composition supports the vocal perfectly. Another track like the one above, where it doesn’t really go anywhere, there’s no progression to speak of, instead it explores the beauty of the established atmosphere.

Yet another solid deep house groove!

Only the first track today is available on Spotify (what’s up with that, guys?), but “Ancestors” is of course added to our “Deep Lounge” playlist, where we gather the good underground house tracks of a deep character. Well worth following? We’d say so!