Downtempo Delights

As the pandemonium continues to greatly affect our lives across the entire planet, here’s three from the calmer branch on the house tree, to lift our moods!

Max Tenrom – Lotus

A female voice is never wrong in a chilled track. Heck, it’s never wrong, period. But especially in chilled tracks. Even if only a shorter sample, like here.

But it’s best described as an instrumental track that takes us on the scenic route across a calm landscape. Nobody’s in a rush here. And nobody needs to be. Not with a company like this.

RE:UM – I Was Just Looking Up

And continuing on the calm track here’s Re:Um, a Scandinavian/Irish electronic artist based in London. A gorgeous, calm and dreamy track that really should give worrying heads a break.

Reminds me a bit of Kidsø, actually. And that can only be a compliment.

… Pssst… Hey, did you drift off? Wake up! I got one more track to show you!

Drumtap ft. Shells – Someone Like You

I round this session off with a bit more energy than earlier, but still a nice and uplifting vibe.

Two Brits are behind this creation:
This is the first single from Drumtap – a London based producer previously part of electronic duo CutWires. Alongside DJ’ing at festivals and clubs, Drumtap has developed his new project which focuses on his melodic and urban electronic sound.

And again, the female vocals are never wrong. Here we have Shells, a singer-songwriter that is also featured on the new Meduza single ‘Born To Love’. Her third single ‘Jailbird’ was one of BBC Radio 1’s ‘Introducing’s Track of the Week’, and led to a performance on the BBC Introducing stage at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Hull.

So, that’s two that’s got a lot going for them!

Want to hear these and more of the same again? The first two tracks were added to our Spotify playlist “All Chilled Out”, while Drumtap’s track is added to a list we currently have under construction, with vocal electronica being the theme. More about this list later!