Keep On Dancin’

With the situation in the world today this might not be the weekend to hit the clubs. But we need no dance floor to keep dancing on our own!

MagicFX – Elevate

We can never get enough of sweet house beats here at Beatradar. Luckily. But I have to admit, vocals tend to push a track away from me and over to the wrong side of the mainstream border.

Not so here though. A very cool processing/slicing of the vocals creates this very unique and very groovy atmosphere.

It’s just such a perfect build for a smooth house session.

SWAYLO – Angel Of Light

We go slightly deeper with the next track, who sports some fabulous percussion work. As the press release can tell me; “SWAYLO is a producer from New Mexico, who has roots in South Africa, and is pushing a global sound that fuses tribal elements with influences from Africa, Middle East and Latin America.”

Those tribal elements are very present and I so totally love percussive apperandus like this in my house music. It adds a welcomed organic layer that blends so well with the computer generated beats.

We’re still on the bright side of things, though. It’s time to dive into some dark matter:

Noises – Some Place

One of the things about tech house that I dig the most is that it’s so unpretentious. At the same time, that’s also what’s so easy to use against it. And I gotta be honest: The buildups here are a tad cheesy for me, with’em rolling snares and risers and stuff.

Although the intention behind it is as clear as it is well tried; the contrast between lots of white noise and then – bam – drop into a bass heavy hook is very very effective. We’ll never really get tired of that.

So once it’s started we dive head first into the mad, mad groove and forgive it everything. And who am I to complain, really. After all – this is what tech house is all about.

And this is the good noise.

The first two were admitted to our fabulous “The Deep Lounge” playlist, where we collect the deeper house tracks, while “Some Place” is added to our “House For Clubbers” playlist. That’s where we collect the most frenetic and plain mad house tracks for the already whipped up crowds.

Enjoy’em all!