Silent Sunday #15

This time I’m taking you on a quick travel to three corners of the world and their very different kinds of prime ministers. Oh, yeah and an artist from each their countries.

Kutan Katas – We’wey

From Erdogan’s country we find this gem of a producer, Kutan Katas and his lead guitar.

Now, I do not often pick ambient tracks with “earthy” sounds like guitars and piano. It just doesn’t match the theme of the list too well. But I do make exceptions. And this is one of them, and with good reason. This piece is simply gorgeous.

Harmonic, relaxing, this is one for the sleep chamber inside our spacecraft.

Alaskan Tapes – Sleeping Since Last Year

It’s really hard not to like Justin Trudeau. And it’s equally impossible not to like Alaskan Tapes.

I’ll admit right away that I’m pushing the scope of this blog (“undiscovered gems from the electronica underground“) with this inclusion. After all, Alaskan Tapes with their more than 300 thousand monthly listeners and a regular at the Spotify editorial playlists are really one of the BIG stars on the ambient sky.

But, you know: There’s usually a reason for that. Their creations are really, really good.
For me it’s the combination of the very careful harmonies and the lofi noises and details that really triggers my imagination. Their arrangements can often offer surprising turns, but never ever in a fashion that breaks the quiet atmosphere.

I’ll just come out and say it: I’m a great fan of their work.

Take Me There – Will You Ever Be At Peace With Yourself?

While Alaskan Tapes should be known for a lot of you, I make up for that with this next one.

We’re heading to Stefan Löfven‘s country now, Sweden. There we also find a debuting ambient act by the name of “Take Me There”. And the soundscape here is just simply fantastic. A definite experimental atmosphere, yet remarkably comfortable to listen to. The title indicates an unnerving state of mind, and we can sense it in the underlying pads, but overall this is a track that I really feel at peace with.

His debut EP is just around the corner – we can’t wait to check it out.

All these are found on our quite excellent ambient playlist, “Ambient Universe”, where we collect the best ambient releases as we find them.
You should add this list to your library. No, really. Follow it today and join us in our discoveries!