Silent Sunday: From familiar to uncharted grounds.

Today’s ambient trio starts off in very familiar grounds, only to step further and further into the unknown.

Salt Lake Electric Ensemble – The Wayfaring Drones of Science

We’re in space now. Layers upon layers upon layers upon layers, merging into each other. Like galaxies in a massive universe.

That’s how I got into ambient, those layered droned tracks. That’s how we love it, isn’t it? And that’s what we get here. In spades. Classic grounds!

Sundrugs – We’ll Go Down Together. Silence Against Rage

We’re entering a slightly more experimental atmosphere with the next track. And definitely darker. And more sacred. In an industrial way.

Very cinematic, and a huuuuuge soundscape.
The monks chanting, and is that a rolling sea I hear in the background?
And how about that ticking clock? What is happening here? I have no idea…! But damn how the imagination runs wild on this one.

And that is a sure sign of a track I just have to take with me.

Ruben Kotkamp – Untitled In Ultraviolence

Now here’s something a bit different. Vocals in ambient? Singing vocals, even? Is that possible, should it be allowed?
Well, I would have been one to say “no, we do not want that”. But here I am, picking a track with just that. Admittedly it’s not vocals across the entire track. But it’s there, loud and clear! And I totally dig it.

Not to mention what follows; an unsettling, flaky slightly distorted sound that glides around and mess up everything around it. Intriguing. And that ending? How about that!

It is of course dark, this. Very dark. So dark and unsettling that quite frankly I’m unsure if it too much so for our “Ambient Universe” playlist. It’s just such an amazing exploration that I had to add it, let it linger there for a while. A fantastic track!

You’ll find all three in our ambient playlist “Ambient Universe“! A list all ambient fans should have in their library. Seriously.