The Stomping Trio

Three quite different tracks but with one thing in common: They offer a solid stomp, in each their ways.

Illusionize ft Visage Music – Distortion

Starting off with perhaps the most mainstream eligible of the three: Hysterical breaks and a massive, rock solid bass. They call this “Bass House” now if I understand it correctly. For the rest of us it’s just simply club music. Designed to move dance floors.

Cool stuff!

Hartbrand – Brunst

The next track takes us over to industrial lands. Very old-school vibes, and while I’m not really a retro kind of guy there’s still something about this track that made me stop and dig the full duration.
Not my usual techno style but a cool track is a cool track, plain and simple!

It’s is part of the soundtrack of the movie ‘9 Tage wach’, aired on German TV.

11 Unicorns – Love

Don’t be fooled by the cover! Or the artist name, nor the title: This track is anything but soft’n’cuddly. In fact it’s the most misleading wrapping of a track I think I’ve ever seen – obviously deliberately so. Fanatastic.

Because, this monster of a track reeks German construction halls, massive mechanical monsters and a crowd so pumped they can barely see what goes on around them.

Neither would I, had I been served this at the right place.

The first track is found on our “House For Clubbers” playlist, the latter two are added to our “The Techno Club” playlist, where we collect the underground techno tracks as we find them.
A lotta’ stompin’ goin’ on here: