Three for the groovy lounge

Two deep house grooves with classic vibes and one lovely song (!) that I just had to bundle with them. That’s on my menu for you today.

The Hustle – In the Night

Ok, this first track represent something you don’t hear too often here on my blog. There’s no secret that I have a huge preference for instrumental music. In addition, our scope here is “underground club music”. This is neither. Come to think of it, I’d love to hear a remix of this track where they pushed the deep house vibes of it a bit further.

But man, what a lovely song! There’s just something magical going on here. Music can be that, you know.

And this one just hits home for me. I wanna be BFF with it. I want to inject it in my mind and have it stay there, gently rolling in the back of my head while I progress with my everyday life. And that’s not something you often want!

I really, REALLY like this song.

Alex Ranerro – Triangular

Aaah yeah, back on Deep House grounds for real now. Classic smooth beats from the Slovenian artist Alex Ranerro. It’s just so obvious whenever you hear a track from a producer that’s also been a DJ for years. And I don’t even need to read this guys bio, I can tell. This is a DJs track. This has it all. This is what we want to groove at.

An obvious addition to our Deep Lounge playlist.

Drew Dapps & Womack – Chaise Lounge

… And we round off this trio by once again enjoying the glorious deep grooves from the North American gentleman Drew Dapps.

Regular readers already know him from before, and he continues to make us hit the approval button us with this release as well.

Elegant, smooth, groovy – we want to keep on clubbing forever with a soundtrack like this.

These three fine specimens of deep house can all be found on our exquisite list, “Deep Lounge“, where only the quality deep house and lounge tracks are collected.
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