Three for the VIP lounge

Tall drinks, lots of velour in dark colours. And a credible crowd, of course. Here’s three tracks for the classy VIP lounge sessions.

Valkola – En Passant

I’m opening this session with a really slick, deep groove. Valkola is a Helsinki based sound designer, DJ and producer and we’ve covered him before.

And what an excellent track this time too. Smooth, elegant vibes all over. With the credible underground flair intact. But yo, Valkola buddy – get your ass over on Spotify!

Mazoulew – Circles (feat Bonnie Wylde)

Here’s a track that surely has the potential of becoming a lounge anthem this summer. Lovely, lovely vocals perfectly floating on top of a gorgeous deep house bed.
And that’s coming from me, who generally speaking don’t really like vocals in my house music. But here it’s just perfect.

What a lovely, calm and quiet ride this one is. Suitable also for the chillout playlists out there.

Sasha Troy – Barcelona

Ok, time to wake up. Classic house vibes FTW! Snappy and funky bassline, not overproduced, everything just flows perfectly in this nugget of a track. One can of course argue that it’s more “house” than “deep house”, but I still wanted to bundle it in this company.
An excellent track no matter how you twist and turn it.

A great, uplifting way to end today’s session of house!

With the exception of Valkola these tracks are added to our “Deep Lounge” playlist, where we collect only the best tracks from the deeper side of the house pond. Follow it today!