Time To Stomp

Time to pull all the stops. Out with the big guns. Go full force. Peak hour energy. Here’s two that slams hard. And unconditionally so.

Carl Cox – Pure (El Rancho Mix)

This techno beast is my first solo release in some time! and I’ve already secretly tried and tested it at my appearances around the globe, people have been going wild when it drops!”
Carl Cox

We totally believe him. This track is very coxy sounding, so it’s no wonder his crowds went wild. When the kick slams again around midway, well it’s impossible not to smile. This is techno the way we like it. Unconditional, stomping, massive, monstrous.

BreakCode – Overdrive

And this next track is really not holding any more back. Full force ahead. At times it reminds me of the old masters Prodigy (are they sampled here? I think it sounds very “smack my bitch up” in the break there).

It’s hard yet melodic. It’s noisy, but not foggy – crystal clear beats. Slams like a madman on speed. And I’m totally lovin’ it.

Both of these are added to our techno playlist “The Techno Club“, where we collect the most stomping and gritty and just damn good techno as we find them.

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