We must pay closer attention to minimal techno!

This time I’ll do something a bit differently, to mix things up a little. I’ll present you with two full releases instead of just single tracks. I think I want to do that more often, I mean why not.

Here’s two really good minimal techno releases. One of them is released on our label so I guess I should tag this as partial self promotion, but hell: Just take a listen. Surely you’ll agree this stuff is good?

Moud – The Norwegian Sea

We know Moud well from before, and now he’s back with a truly gorgeous minimal techno single. Two tracks, equally well worth exploring. Two fantastic rides stretching well past the five minute line, as all good techno should.

His best release to date.

Lorenzo Baroni – Vollständige Sessions

Lorenzo Baroni is a French gentleman we’ve been so lucky to get to know better, and we are honoured to be the label behind his first multi-track release.

And what a collection of tracks! Lorenzo is a very productive guy, and we were invited to assemble the tracks for the release. Great fun.

But that also means that saying we like these tracks would be to state the very obvious, given our engagement in the release. So instead we just suggest you go check it out on your preferred streaming service!

A few of these tracks are added to our spanking new Spotify playlist, “Dub/Minimal Techno”. Not a single follower there as of yet, but we strongly suggest that you hit that heart shaped button and add it to your library. Good stuff there already, with plenty more to come!