Welcome to my imaginary club night

Today I have laid out three tracks that marks three moments during an imaginary evening out: One to kick off the evening, one for well after midnight and one for the afterparty.

Howard Charles – Down

Really good, classic house vibes on this one, a small pinch of early Daft Punk sprinkled over these beats fo’sho. So good that we really feel that it’s a tad too far on the short side, this one. Hey Howard, a house track is supposed to roll for longer than that!

Groovy as can be, this one lifts our spirits and gets us in the mood. The mood for some seriously deep beats:

Brooks Aleksander – Open Your Eyes

… and that’s when we welcome Mr Aleksanders deeply rolling beat, “Open Your Eyes”.

Oh yeah, we’re entering the darker clubs now. You know, those basement bunkers where air quality never really was anything anybody worried about even though they probably should? Yeah. Those.
Thumping bass that is felt in every corner of the club. Club wear. Intense eyes. And a unison love for real club music.

That’s where I picture this one being played.

And towards the wee hours of the morning we are served this one:

Hunter – Floating feat. Roshin

Lovely underground groove. Not too hard, not too dark, not too gritty. At least not compared to what I usually pick. But this night is for the slicker grooves. Grooves like these.
Oh how I long for those nights.

And I’ve mentioned it before – I really dig tracks with an emotionless, static vocal like this, delivering some sort of message on top of stomping beats.
It’s just so damn cool.

I added these three to our “It’s HOUSE Music!” playlist, where we collect the best house music as we discover it.