A lazy afternoon

Let’s just all chill for a bit, shall we? Here’s three really calm’n’quiet ones, for the relaxed lounge sessions.

Animat – Neptune’s Crazy Horses (Åyusp rmx)

We open this session of calmness with a track that for the first three minutes are ambient, before the beat enters and converts the track to a deep, meditative house track. Along with one of the most delightful basses I’ve heard in a good while.

This track – stretching over a good nine minutes – is really quite something. An obvious starter track for any deep set.

Walter Mmari – In Search of Meaning

From the deep underground of Animat we elevate up to the surface with this harmonic beauty of a track. I have to admit, generally speaking I’m not a big fan of piano as the lead instrument in a chill track – it’s just so over-used in my never humble opinion – but here it works just so well. Also much thanks to the background that really shapes the signature of this creation.

A gem of a track.

Andrew Rothschild – Utopia

The last track is also the most upbeat one, but with a string lead that still clings to the calmer atmospheres. It’s just fantastic how well it works with the electronic bakcground track. And the progression here is also really quite spectatcular. When the chopped vocals enter the genre blend becomes – well – uhm… Blending (sorry I couldn’t resist).

But it works! And the result is something with loads of character and an utterly unique flair. A fantastic find.

All three are added to our soothing and relaxed playlist, “All Chilled Out”: