A Three Step Rocket

Here’s a trio that should wind you up a little for the weekend. Starting off harmonic and calm before we ramp it up, step by step.

Harry Nathan – To the Limit (Late Night Mix)

I just so instantly loved this one, the moment I heard it. Love the chill atmosphere and as a producer myself I cant help but notice the little details in this production that stands out. The way the voice is processed, the glitchy tails, the layers, the arrangement. Elegant!

A nice way to get started. Enjoy it while it last thogh, cause we’re soon entering deeper grounds:

Truebeef – It’s Been A While

We need to head Down Under for our Deep House track. Truebeef delivers a percussion focused track that never takes off, but keep building. Preparing us for the good clubs. AS lovely, dep and progressive drive that could keep going for another ten minutes, if you ask me. Balancing neatly on the border between deep house and progressive house.

Top stuff.

REEON – Black Box

And finally, we land with both feet on the progressive side of things. It’s just so lovely to hear stuff like this, that stays true to what progressive house used to (and still should) be all about until a few swedes came around and ruined the very definition of the genre. Yes, I blame the Swedes. It’s always the Swedes. This time from Stockholm. :p

We know Reeon from before, and if he keeps going like this we’ll surely hear from him again.

So, this trio sure prepped me well for the weekend! Have a good one!

The three for today landed on each their playlists, in this order:
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