How deep can you go?

Time to visit the world of minimal and deep house again. Here’s three excellent recent releases that one could say perhaps cater to each their sectors within deep house.

MagicFX – Burst

Starting off with a rather lighthearted groover, this one makes my feet tap the beat on the rainiest of days. Feelgood groove with an excellent use of filters to keep it interesting.
All while staying solid underground.

One could argue it’s a crossover track that has elements from several genres, not the deepest of today’s selection, but it dang does it work.
Solid stuff.

Sarge Malone – Octagon

Keeping a steady course towards the deep side of the house pond we now are introduced to Sarge Malone from UK, and his excellent “Octagon”.

In many ways one could say this is “classic” deep house vibes, but the devil is in the details. Really tight mix, just enough layers to set it alive, smooth ride! A really nice new discovery.

Nanokosmos ft. Maureen – Uncertainty Principle (Heaven Above Edit)

And speaking of classic house grooves, this last track today really brought my 90s clubbing memories to life. Great balance between vocals (not too much) and instrumental segments in the arrangement, and overall a really dreamy yet dance-able vibe.

I figure this one will work just as well in a chillout set as it will in a deep house session.

All three tracks are added to our quite elegant and exclusively underground Spotify playlist “Deep Lounge”, where we collect the best tracks from the deep and loungy fields of the house landscape.