Let’s hear it for the spoken words!

Generally speaking I don’t like vocals in house tracks – it too often tips the track over on the wrong side of the mainstream we all despise. Spoken words however, omg how many EPIC club tracks with those in’em.

Here’s three recently released tracks that all offer a vocal track of the above mentioned kind.

Cross – Can’t Sleep (Original Mix)

Starting out with the deepest of the three – and possibly the best example of what I mean with groovy spoken word house tracks. I just so totally love stuff like this.

The fundamental groove is of course in place. This track would totally work also without the vocal track. But the extra layer of words expressed in a monotonous way?
Boom – insta next level.

And the producer here, Cross, is from… Armenia! How cool is that? A first for our blog.

Rich DietZ – Bob Ross

We increase the stomp level with this next track, who takes us over to the more techy house regions.

Again the rock solid fundament is in place, and this track would really not be the same without the vocals. A safe club stomper that should move any floor worth playing for.

Shunus – Never Felt (Mel7em Remix)

This last one from the UK act Shunus is also an interesting new release. I find it intriguingly groovy, in a very seductive and sublime way.

It’s definitely darker than the first two, maybe that’s what appeals to me. Or maybe it’s just simply that it also caters to the progressive house fans out there – of whom I am one.

Either way, this one is a gem worth checking out.

My selected tracks for today landed on each their playlists. Cross were added to our Deep Lounge playlist, Rich Dietz is found on It’s House Music, while Shunus are adding value to the Progressive Underground playlist.

All on Spotify – and all worth following!