Monday chill time

Here’s three tracks that all each in their own ways falls under the category “chill-out”. And who doesn’t like to? Of course we do. We’re lazy animals.

Endless Leopard- Deep Blue You

The intro of this track gives the impression of being a harmonic ambient track, until the beat kicks in around 45 seconds in, and the track slowly builds as we progess past the mid of the length. A beautiful, dreamy, gorgeous piece of harmonies and elegance.

One of those tracks that could just keep on rolling for several more minutes. Or on repeat.

Zac Yeo – when i fall asleep, i dream of myself falling

I continue the low energy level on this next one, by the Australian guy Zac Yeo. A very young and budding producer – just fifteen years old – who enters the public world of music with this harmonic little lofi loop. We found it to be utterly charming and wanted to introduce him to you.

Flub the Dub – The Sparkling Riches

Todays trio is roundeed off with this smooth ride, delivered by this duo from the US of A. According to the duo the track is “born from a guitar and bass improvisation”, and built upon. And the final result is as we can hear a well knitted blanket of harmonies.

For some reason mental images of an exclusive club, Bond style, appears in my mind while listening to this track. A place where the drinks are expensive and the ladies are all femmes fatales.

And I like tracks that makes me feel like an agent.

These three delicate beats are all added to our quite relaxed Spotify playlist “All Chilled Out”, where we collect the downtempo gems as we find them.