Silent Sunday #17

Three very different tracks for you today. one dark, one harmonic and one with aboriginal vibes(..!).

Quite the bouquet!

myouçeej – IV (oyona)

My first track today is quite something. Being the most experimental of the three, this one is dominated by processed field recordings, creating an audio image of endless details.

The result is quite an unique and perhaps a bit unaccessible experience. Not the most settling of today’s tracks, quite dark and definitely not the most harmonic, but a track that triggers mental images of a futuristic world.

And I love futuristic scenarios. So I had to share this one with you.

Rising Galaxy – Observatory

This next track takes us back to our neverending fascination for space. Travels, explorations, or simply observing.

Gorgeous long pads, slowly evolving, building a carpet of harmonies.

Yes, we know that concept by now. But really, will we ever get tired of it? Also, I think the piano with the massive reverb lifted the track up from the ordinary.

Aroshanti – Sweet Dreams

Here’s a track that’s fundamentally different from what I usually select. With a flute being the main instrument my associations immediately drifts off to world music and native populations.

And there was a time, some years ago, where I really focused on calm music with such elements in them. I had a complete obsession (as usually happens once I get interested in something) in “world music” of the very quiet kind.

And this track here made me realise how much I miss those atmospheres.

All three are found on our continuously excellent ambient playlist, “Ambient Universe“. Add it to your library for a steady stream of new, great ambient music.