Silent Sunday #18

You know the drill: Three excellent, recently released ambient pieces that hits the spot. What spot? Not sure. But I’m certain that these guys did it. Why? Because they deliver exactly the kind of ambient I love. Not too melodic, not too concrete – but dreamy and abstract.

And dark. As dark as… Space.

Shunkan Idou – Avernus

Dark? Check. Dramatic? Check. Futuristic? Check.
So this is per default exactly what I seek. And here we have a bass line repeating like an idling supercomputer. Powerful, but resting.

Lots of little details in the soundscape to inspect during our exploration. Yeah. This is how we like it.

Kamandi – Staying OK Forever

Another ambient track that unfolds a massive universe. This is grande, this is gigantic. Constructions the size of small planets are gliding past us. Organic? Mechanic? Both? Neither? Who knows? Do we need to know?

Almost, almost too much to consume. But only nearly. Cause we can, and we do. With pleasure. Thank you, Kamandi.

Karl M Svensson – In the Void

Thematically the last track today is as just spot on as one can get in regards to the theme for our ambient list, “space exploration”. Oh yeah, sci-fi vibes all over this baby. Uncharted sectors ahead!

I’ve always had a special corner in my abmbient heart for the fully synthetic, abstract sounds. No running water, no singing birds, none of that nonsense.

No. Space. I want to be taken out there. In an abstract way – let my imagination fill out the canvas.

As this track does so exceptionally well.

Three obvious additions to our ambient playlist, “Ambient Universe”. If you like the selection for you in today’s Sleepy Sunday you probably want to follow this list. Weekly updated with new, excellent ambient.