Sleepy Sunday #16

It’s never truly Sunday unless we get a new trio of newly released ambient, is it? Today I have two lovely dark ones for you, and one made up almost entirely of guitars. Lighter mood on that one perhaps, but still not too bright.

Myouçeej – petroleum

Dark. Gritty. Futuristic. These are all honourable terms in my book. And Myouçeej qualify with good margins. Cinematic, grande in its own way, still toned down to a quiet, yet noisy atmosphere. These are urban grounds. Deserted, but not lifeless.

It should have been at least three times as long, though. This thing is over before it really got started. Two minutes are nothing. It has to be a very certain kind of track where that works. Stretch out, buddy!

This is a new talent on the ambient scene, one artist I look forward to hear more from.

Violetera & Etxera – Exchange Value (Ambient Version)

We’ve covered Etxera before, and this time it’s a collab with Violetera to create ambient versions of the songs from Violetera’s album “A Landmark, Not a Beacon”. An interesting concept in itself.

And judging from this track it’s been a fruitful collaboration.

When I first heard this track, my mouse pointer aimed straight for the decline button when the seagulls entered the soundscape early on. After all, the theme for our playlist is space exploration and while they seem to be everywhere I know for a fact there ain’t much of’em seagulls in space.
But I’m glad I waited. Because soon thereafter the gulls are gone and we enter the abstract, space friendly atmosphere we crave.

All with a slightly dark vibe. And, well, regulars should know me by now:
I thrive in the darkness.

envelope3 – JJ Ethereal

For the last track today I go slightly different route. Here’s another ambient track that souinds a bit different from the typical tracks on my list. There’s not much guitar to be found in my playlist and that’s really quite unfortunate cause I think long notes from electric guitars works like crazy in ambient music.

Here, though, there’s almost nothing BUT guitars and that’s conceptually something that I’d assume would be a bit too much. But I am proven wrong, Envelope3 pulled it off perfectly!

All three are added to our excellent ambient playlist, “Ambient Universe”. This is where your space exploration begins.