Sleepy Sunday #19

Three lovely tracks this Sunday too, as always. Calm, quiet, inviting. And two of them made me realise that I miss the use of the human voice in ambient. I mean, why not? It’s great!

Tetra – stalactite

Hollow sounds dominate in this piece, fitting for the title. We’re deep down in some underground caves now. Lovely atmosphere, properly dark yet illuminating, in an odd way.

I really dig stalactites, by the way. They are so… alien. Like visiting another dimention, another planet. Probably the closest I’ll ever get to feel that sensation in the real world.

Iksre – August

Slightly more dramatic, this next track. Very cinematic. We’re no longer deep in a cave, these are large scenarios unfolded.

I especially like the vocals in this one. That’s something I’ve missed in ambient, why are so rarely the human voice used?

Willebrant – A Knight on a Boat

The knight can enjoy a quiet day on the seas while this track last, at least. Slow tidal waves rolling us into sleep in a fashion not unknown in ambient lands, but oh how we love it.

And speaking of vocals, choir-like layers are used to great effect in this final track from me today. Making me think of how fantastic it would be to have a real life choir doing these kinds of performances in a recording. The coming weeks I think I’ll keep an extra eye open for ambient with vocals in them!

As always you’ll find this weeks picks for Sleepy Sunday in our excellent ambient playlist, “Ambient Universe”. New tracks are added every single week.