Synthwave Tuesday: Three for the melodies

We have a quite non-melodic focus here on this music blog. We like the dark, non-vocal, deep and clubby vibes here. Synthwave is our excuse to break out of that pattern and salute the overly melodic creations.

NRVS LVRS – Prom Night Blues

This track is just a ridiculously perfect fit to the title of our playlist “more eighties than the 80s itself” – absolutely everything here is so eighties I just have to laugh. From the synth sounds to the arrangements to the instrumental parts, the vocals, the lyrics, the whole damn package. Wonderfully made.

It should be no surprise that this is an act from the USA. They know and love their synthwave over there.

Skyepaint – Where the Heart Is

The second track today is also quite the find. We’re headed to Australia now. There we find Skyepaint, the synthpop project of songwriter and producer Amos Wellings.
This track gives me some of those vibes I remember from the band Mr Mister, one of my favourite bands from back then.

Totally legit 80s sound. This could have been released back then.

Modeling – Lodestone

The final track today is more pompous than usual, even for the synthwave genre. Especially the introduction here reeks of a big screen setting.

One could also argue that this is more “inspired by” the 80s than sounding like it could have been released in the 80s, cause it sounds more recent produced than that. But it’s “eighties enough” for us to approve it to our list. 🙂

All three are added to our fabled synthwave playlist, “More Eighties than the 80s itself“: