The three you were not supposed to hear

Today I’ve collected three tracks for you that falls a bit outside the scope of this blog, and thus had a high risk to get omitted. Two are too far on the mainstream side of things, the third is an obscure sequential blend of three genres in one track(!).
But they are all tracks that has that magical something that made me stop and think; “I want to add these to my blog“. So here goes!

Tlacuache – Metzli

Metzli means moon in Nahuatl; a language commonly used by Aztecs and native people of Mexico. And we definitely enter southern hemisphere vibes here.

But that’s not the only thing that sets this track apart from what we usually hear on this blog. It’s a very long experience, this one. And one could say it consist of three parts. The first four minutes are ambient, then it suddenly jumps over to progressive house vibes, before it after a break ends like a deep house track. I don’t think I’ve heard something like this ever before.

One could argue it’s not the wisest of production choices in the very genre-focused reality of music streaming today. But it’s great with artists that ignores that and just go for what they feel is right for their track.
I support that!

Alvido – Close To Me

The next track is different in the sense that it’s very vocal focused. While it has deep house elements it mainly belongs to the Electro Pop bag, in my opinion. And that’s not a bag I often pick from. But there’s something about the vocal track here that just fetched me. I just simply find this track irresisible. And while I don’t have a playlist for it, I still wanted to show it to you. Maybe you do?

Kristin Husøy – Pray for me (Mikael Johnson Remix)

I’ve never earlier admitted so here on this blog, but I actually dig Eurovision Song Contest. Yup. Great fun! And this artist participated in the Norwegian finals this year.

Not that this fact in itself is a free ticket. And while her voice is solid it is of course the remix that made it land on the shores of Beatradar. Mikael Johnson is a gentleman we’ve covered before, and the deep house vibes he added with this remix really is of a solid dance floor quality.

Mikael has long proven he understands the underground dance floor vibe, but here he’s entering new arenas and impress us with his diversity!

So there you go – three tracks you probably didn’t expect to find on this blog. Hope you liked’em! Tomorrow I’ll return to my usual introvert underground self again – promise. 🙂