Three for the chill of it

It’s not a regular Friday (are any days regular nowadays?) so today I have selected three down-tempo tracks instead of my usual “weekend ignitions”. Really lovely tracks in each their quite different ways.

Petale – Stretch

Starting with the most energetic of the three, this one has a lead synth that I think I could listen to forever. What a fantastically cool, stretch sound! Love at first listen!

I know, it’s not really chill-out, this. I’m not even sure how I should describe this one, other than that it’s a really cool track and I totally dig it.
Listen and hear for yourself!

Darque & Dearest – Into Night

Lovely, dark and moody electronica served by the German duo Darque & Dearest.

I love absolutely everything about this production. Every little bit. The arrangement, the vocals, the textures, beat, the mix, the whole damn thing. Top shelf material.

Really, really good.

Surreal Tendencies – Luz

I’m rounding off in a way that quite possibly must be the quietest track I’ve featured so far (if we keep ambient out of this equation). It’s even not really “electronic” with this guitar taking such a place as lead instrument.

Overall this is an “outsider” in the Beatradar context. But what a gorgeous melody, performed just like it should. I mean, it’s just beautiful. Bliss. In a very classic way.
Quite a nice way to end the trio I had for you today.

These three are all added to our small but really good chill-out playlist “All Chilled Out”.