Three for the virtual Weekend

Most of us uphold the social distancing rules to keep the pandemonium under control. But we can always dream about how it is to get back on the streets and into the clubs again.

And we start todays “virtual club night” in a really good House club. There we get this one served:

Mario D’ambrosio & Iacoboni Ft. Julia Granger – First Time

Starting off with a track perfect to start an upbeat DJ set. Mario comes from Italy, started practising as a DJ when he was no more than 12 years old, and are currently living in London. And once the groove starts on his track here, hot damn how solid it is. Not in a “tear the roof down” kind of way, but to get your blood start pumping.

A promise of a magical night. That’s what this one establish.

Now, on our imaginary club night we then want to continue into the night. And here’s where we split up: Some of us want to enter the BIG club with mad lights, the other ones want to head down to the dark basement. Here’s one for the big floors:

Joshwa (UK) – Magic

Ah, the classic hard club vibes of this one takes me STRAIGHT back to around the turn of the century, and some really crazy club nights with too much of everything. Yes, everything. Thank you for taking me back, Joshwa. This stomper is mad cool.

There’s a timeless feel over these kind of tracks, and I love that. They can bloody well be played five years from now, just like they could be played five-ten years ago. It’s pure, unexcused and clean cut dance floor fodder. That’s it. That’s what it does, and with not adding anything to that dish other than only the right ingredients, the result get like this. If the chef is good.

Mosko – AWOL

The rest of us headed down to the basement club this night. There we were met by a sub woofer working overtime. And an air so thick we had to cut our way through it.

Behind the decks we find the British gentleman Mosko, a new star on the underground techno sky. He delivers this gem of a track. The techno beat is unquestionable, and the garnish on top takes us there. To the top.

And at the end of our imaginary clubbing trip we thank all three for an excellent night.

These three are added to each their playlists;

You’ll find Mario on our “It’s HOUSE music“, Joshwa on “House for Clubbers” while Mosko landed on our “The Techno Club“: