Three off my beaten path

Here’s three tracks that basically have just one single thing in common: They all operate in a landscape a bit outside the electronica I typically feature on this blog. But they are each so good at what they do that I just had to take’em with me to you.

So, with no further due:

Harry Nathan – Harriet Tubman?

This track is such a gem. I wrote about Harry Nathan just a week ago and I usually try to spread out on the artists I cover, but I just had to make a revisit. Regular readers will know I am a sucker for spoken words on a house beat. While the rest of the track here so totally grooves as it is, the vocals takes the whole thing to the next level.
And one can’t help but wonder, what IS the story behind this weird little thing?

The vocals are done by Harry’s across the hall neighbour, actor Ryan Lee (known for his roles in Goosebumps, Super 8, This is 40)

And there’s a wonderfully goofy story around the making of ‘Harriet Tubman?’:
“Ryan walks in to my studio one day and starts talking into the mic, not realising I was recording, as if hosting a fictional radio show, when an imaginary Harriet Tubman decided to join us. I genuinely had no idea who Harriet Tubman was, asking ‘Who’s Harry Tubman?’ – to which Ryan replied ‘Underground Railroad Queen’.

Just fantastic.

Robert Random – Meet

Next up, another track a bit different than what I usually feature. It has a deep house groove, but leans more over to instrumental, in an crossover kind of way over towards synthwave.

So not really a club track, very melodic, and not very “me” to fall for. But I did! I found myself grooving in my chair with a new born light spirit. I dunno, maybe it’s the Jan Hammer vibes that did it for me, or just simply that it’s a really catychy melody.

A good track is a good track regardless.

Autosun – Aceso

I’ll round off today by taking us down deep to the underground again. A minimalistic techno crossover track that has a wonderfully deep drive. Laidback, but not lazy. Really hypnotic vibe.

And also quite original. It doesn’t really start out as a convensional techno track but builds in a very minimal techno kind of way. And the end result is something with one big fat layer of uniqueness all over it.

Due to their diverse nature I had to add these to each of our playlists.
Harry landed on our lounge/deep house list:

Robert are guest starring on our Synthwave list:

and finally Autosun is found on our quite recently created dub/minimal techno list: