Throwback Tuesday: Revival of the power pop

Time for a trip to the eighties again, shall we? Only, as usual, with spanking new music. Here’s two well made recreations of the sound of the fabled decade. Judging from the submissions I receive synthwave seem to be really big in the USA, but this time around we’ll stick to Europe, and two interesting collaborations.

At 1980, Timecop1983 & Josh Dally – In the Air

Here’s a track that’s the result of a collaboration across three countries: Spain, Netherlands and the UK.
And i’ll just step up and say it: This is one of the best sounding syunthwave tracks I’ve discovered in a very, very long time. Fantastic authenticy to the sound, the arrangement, the mix, the whole package.

I don’t know these guys from before but it’s strikingly obvious that these gents are not new in this game. Impressive work, guys. I tip my hat to you!

Jotten & Jan Schmidt – The Dark

Next up is a German collaboration!

Unfortunately I find the vocals to drown in the mix here – I’d really love to hear the vocalist just a little notch better. Cause he’s really putting his heart into this performance!

Other than that this is a well sounding track with plenty of details that’s so totally defining the synth pop sound of the eighties. Well arranged, well performed. Thumb up!

We collect all our synthwave discoveries in our well curated list, “More EIGHTIES than the 80s itself”. Give it a spin if that decade is your thing – I think you might be surprised about the authenticity of some of these tracks! And of course, they’re really good as well. 🙂