Time for some timeless vibes

Here’s a selection that offer a good pinch of that “timeless” spice that we just never grow tired of. Three quality tracks for each their moments.

Third Attempt – Shift

Sit back and enjoy as Third Attempt serves you this cool, hot and funky groove of the timeless kind.

This is pure house gold. Never breaks out into any frenzy of any kind, just steady as she goes into the sunset with all class untainted. You just can’t get much cooler than this.

A perfect warm-up track after a hot day at the beach. Or just while chillin’ in the lounge.

Marco Reynaldo – Know What To Say

So, after that cool stroll we’re showered, pimped and ready for the night. Marco will be our guide to the deep house bunker.

And what a groove he welcomes us with. Sublime, yet going STRAIGHT for our dance nerve. Minimal, but not without content or progression. Just… Perfect.

What a track. Timeless!

Kaskade – Feel It

Ok, time’s running out, get ready for for peak hour content.

Kaskade are more than happy to make us bounce. And doing so in a classic club house way. A shameless, slamming bass that enters centre stage with all the confidence in the world.

With good reason. Because we feel it, and it shows.

Three excellent house tracks that has made a worthy addition on our equally quality minded Spotify playlist, “The Deep Lounge“. There’s more than fifty good reasons to follow that list, and we update it every single week.