Two for the House fans

Here’s two rock solid, peak hour house tracks that I believe should be in all house DJs virtual bags. These two offer an excellent drive – in each their ways.

Bertelli – Situation

I start off in a track that really shouldn’t be something for me. A new, clubby version of an eighties hit? I mean, come on.

But, well, here I am presenting this track to you. Because…
OMG, that drive, man! That tight mother of a bass line that made it a hit back then, well it has so to an extreme degree stood the test of time. And if you wrap that bass with a modern progressive house coat, you’re pretty damn guaranteed to have a winner.

A winner, like this. I’d so totally push this track here in the set at any of the underground clubs I’ve ever played at or visited – and every single dance floor would have BOILED.

Jey Kurmis, Kricked & Dahveed – Nowhere

So often when I receive tracks for consideration I decline with a “not bad, but too melodic for me“. And sometimes I get a bit lost, and wonder “what am I talking about, why don’t I want melody in my music?“.

And then tracks like these appear, and I remember why.

What a gorgeous drive. And full percussive focus – no melody lines to bother us with – oh no. Full focus on the beat. And with a beat like this, we really do not need more. In fact, we’re better off without it.

And that break midway? Goosebumps.

This is why I so often think a melody only gets in the way.

Both of these are added to our excellent playlist “Progressive Underground”, where we collect the dark, slamming beats for the underground club sessions: